To guarantee the security of our users and their money, we have set up many security measures throughout all stages of the app.

They are designed to ensure that only the owner can access and use a Lydia account.

These settings can be customized from the "Security" menu, in the profile settings.

Connection to the application

To create a Lydia account and connect to the application, users must enter :

In the event of a forgotten password (and blocked account), the user must carry out a Forgotten Password procedure.

This procedure requires the recording of a video selfie, which is analysed with the utmost confidentiality by Lydia's advisors, in order to identify that the person wishing to recover the use of the account is indeed the owner.

How to check my Lydia account, transfers and payments?

For any action on the app involving money (for instance sending money), users will be asked to set and use:

For faster and even more secure transactions, users can set up a biometric authentication if the device allows it, such as:

How secure is my money on Lydia?

The user's money that is stored on Lydia belongs to the user and is guaranteed. Lydia has no right to invest, access or use it.

This money is held in the books of Lydia. The funds are also held in a specific account at BNP Paribas, and are therefore guaranteed by the Fond de Garantie des Dépôts et Résolution up to €100,000 per person.

How are my data and personal information protected?

All data and information around you and your payment methods are encrypted, anonymized and confidential.

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