A transfer made from Lydia to a bank account depends on the processing times of the banking system. It is credited to the recipient account :

  • In 30 seconds for instant transfers (instant payment technology) ;
  • Within 2 to 3 working days for classic transfers (excluding weekends and public holidays).
In the user's banking area, on the web or on mobile, some banks do not refresh the balance and/or transaction history continuously. An instant transfer that has been successfully credited may only appear or be recorded after a few minutes.

Check that the bank transfer has been sent

In most cases, the bank transfer was not sent because :

  • The Lydia account balance was not sufficient to honor the transfer;
  • The wrong bank account was selected by the user;
  • The IBAN of the recipient's Lydia account was not entered.

To find out more, read the article "Why can’t I transfer money to a bank account?".

Check that the bank account is still active

If the destination bank account is closed, the transfer will be automatically rejected and the amount will be refunded to the user's Lydia account within 3 working days.

To find out more, read "Transfer made to a closed bank account".

Make a transfer from Lydia

This article explains how to make a transfer from Lydia: "Withdrawing money to a bank account".

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