The user can top up his Lydia account by clicking on the "⧉" icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then on their account. The user can click on "+" to access the three top-up methods:

Bank transfers

Once Lydia has verified a user's identity, the user has access to a Lydia IBAN and can therefore receive bank transfers directly on his account.

The user must first add his Lydia IBAN as beneficiary on his external bank account.

If the transfer is "classic", then it will take two to three working days to arrive on the user's Lydia account.

If the transfer is "instant", it will take just a few seconds to arrive. Instant transfers are available from all banks in France.

Instant transfers from most European banks will arrive immediately on your Lydia account.

Bank card

The user can immediately fund his Lydia account, by crediting it with his bank card. This method is simple and instantaneous. However, it is subject to certain limits, which can be consulted at this link.

From the application's home page, the user can click on "Send" and enter an amount. When selecting the recipient, the user must first click on "Account" and then select the Lydia account to credit. When selecting the payment method, the user can choose his bank card.

By collecting money online

The user can create money pots online to receive money

From their browser, the contributors can to go to this page and deposit money by entering their bank card number. The account linked to this page (in this case, your Lydia account) will be credited instantly!

As Lydia is a mobile application designed to simplify payments, users cannot deposit bank checks or cash into their Lydia account.

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