To verify an account, users need to provide Lydia with a proof of identity. 

It must be valid, sufficiently illuminated and free from glare, and all important information must be visible.

Types of document accepted

Here is the list of valid documents and the manipulations to be done when recording it:

  • European ID cards (front and back)

  • European & Non-European passports and Visa

When submitting a non-European passport, a visa issued in the European Union will be systematically requested by Lydia's teams by email.

  • European residence cards or permits (front and back)

Be careful not to hide a part of the personal info with your hand or fingers! This document must be valid, in colour and in the user's name, must contain a machine readable zone (MRZ) and must be entirely visible.

Validation & Deadline

Document verification is usually fairly quick. In some cases, it can take up to 3 business days. If the identity has not yet been validated at the end of this period, the user can reach out to customer service to find out more:

In case of error

Inability to send your ID via the app

It happens that while scanning or downloading the ID, something does not work. As this can be linked to several things, the easiest way is to send a message to customer service explaining the issue:

The document is rejected automatically

Users must read the e-mail received which indicates why the document was rejected and download it again directly from the application.

More info about rejection reasons here.

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