Problems recovering a Lydia account

When users have lost their password or their phone number have changed, they can access their account without a password.

In some cases, users are asked to take a video of their face. This allows Lydia's teams to verify that the account holder is the one who initiated the recovery request. Occasionally, users may be blocked by the verification system.

In such cases, users should take care to:

  • center their face in the capture area, and follow the instructions
  • when requested, turn their head in the pointed direction, with a wide movement
  • make sure lighting is adequate
  • check that they're alone on the video, and that no picture of faces are displayed in the background (photograph, painting, screen, etc.)
If the screen is black, check that Lydia is authorized to access the camera in the device settings. If the facial camera is damaged, users will need to use another device. It is possible to log in to Lydia with another device by inserting a SIM card in it.

If these instructions do notsolve the issue, users can send a message to To help solve the issue, users are invited to describe the difficulty and include a screenshot.

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