To enable Lydia to verify their identity and gain access to all Lydia's services, users must record a video selfie. This allows to compare user's face with the ID, just as bankers do when they open an account.

The video selfie is one of the options Lydia recommends, as it is an easy, quick and secure solution for the user. The user films himself in front of the camera and speaks a random series of numbers displayed on his screen. In less than 10 seconds, the selfie is taken and sent to Lydia's teams, all without leaving the application. No additional documents are required.

The video selfie is not mandatory. If users do not wish to provide a video selfie, they can choose another option and connect an external bank account, for example.

Making a successful video selfie

In order to be valid, the video selfie must meet several criteria:

  • A single person must appear on the video (the user wishing to have his identity verified)
  • The face must clearly be visible and must match the other ID documents provided
  • The image must have a reasonable quality (brightness, image sharpness)
  • The sound must be good: the user must pronounce the series of numbers out loud and in an intelligible way
  • The video is analyzed by a human. Users should therefore take care to avoid nudity or insults during the recording.

Security and confidentiality of video selfies

The risk of a video selfie being falsified is low, making it a reliable solution for verifying a user's identity.

At Lydia, only the teams responsible for identity verification have access to these video selfies.

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