Just like bank cards, a phone is a simple tool to make and receive payments: it does not actually contain any money. As such, if users lose their phone, they won't lose a penny!

If users log in from a new phone, all their information is recovered.

Also, as any important action is protected with a confidential code, users aren't at risk and their account is perfectly secured.

  • A two-factor authentication is required to log in to a Lydia account. It relies on the password defined by the user as well as a code send via text message to the number linked to their Lydia account. Without this code, no log in is possible. If it hasn't already been done, users just have to block their SIM card with their phone operator. This way, no one will be able to log in to their account.
  • Even when logged in, the validation of any important action in-app necessitates entering a 4-digit confidential code only the user knows about. It applies to any payment or wire transfer attempts.

If the user still wants to block their Lydia account just to be safe, they can send an email to user customer service (hello@lydia.me) with the hashtag #safelock in the subject line, detailing the situation they are in (compromised phone or Lydia application code, etc.).

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