Lydia is a mobile app that offers services that make your social life easier: organising money pots on your phone or sending money to relatives.

If no account has been created by the user yet, he can also create his account for free in a few minutes, with just a phone number and a valid email address.

Step 1: Verifying the phone number

There is no need to tell the application if it is a connection to an existing account, or a creation of a new account. To log in, the user must enter his phone number, then click on "Let's go!"

To confirm that the user has the phone number entered, a verification code or link will be sent to the user via SMS. The user can leave the Lydia application, to go to his SMS, he will not lose his progress. If the user does not receive any SMS after a few moments, he can click on "Send a new code".

  • In the case of a link, the user clicks on the link in the SMS. He will then be redirected to the application.
  • In the case of a code, the user memorizes the code contained in the SMS and types it on the keyboard available in the application.

In case the user no longer has access to the phone number associated to his Lydia account, please refer to the special cases section.

Step 2: Entering the password and activate biometrics

The screen will display "Hello" followed by the user's first name.

If the first name is not the user's, refer to the special cases section. If three checkboxes are displayed with the words "Let's start with the basics", it means that the number is not associated with any Lydia account. To recover access to an account associated to an old number, please refer to the special cases section.

  1. The user will be prompted to enter the password he/she set during registration. If the user has forgotten his password, he can retrieve it by clicking on "A problem? Need help?" and then click on "I've forgotten my password". The user will then be taken to the password recovery process.
  2. If the password entered by the user matches the account password, the user will be able to activate the biometrics. This is the fastest and most secure way to authenticate on Lydia.
If the user refuses to activate biometrics or if biometrics fails, authentication will be performed by entering the password.
The user can also replace password entry for authenticating sensitive operations with a shorter (four-digit) security code.

The user is now authenticated and can access the app.

Special cases and error messages

The user does not have access to the phone number linked to his Lydia account

If users does not have immediate access to the number, but still has access to it, it is advisable to wait until they have access to the number to log in. In case of a number change from the associated number (new SIM card), follow these steps:

  1. If the user has already entered the number, go back to the first connection step, which shows the field "A number? Here we go!". To return to the previous step, press the arrow on the top left of the screen.
  2. Press the "An issue with your number" button.
  3. Complete one or two fields: one with the old phone number associated with the Lydia account, the other with the email address associated with the same account. In case of doubt, the user can search for "Lydia" in his emails to verify that it is the right address, with which Lydia communicates with him. It is advised that users try to type both their old phone number and their email address used to create a Lydia account.
  4. The user then proceeds to the account recovery process.

Once the process is completed, the user will receive an email allowing him to recover access to his Lydia account. The user will then be able to log in and add the new phone number.

The first name displayed is not the user's

If the user is using a new number, it is possible that this number was previously assigned by the operator to another Lydia user. In this case, the user can contact Lydia's staff by sending an email explaining the situation to

In case the user remembers having entered a wrong first name, he can log in and then change the name in the profile settings, in the application. Otherwise, the user can contact Lydia teams by sending an email explaining the situation to

After entering the SMS code, the user is creating an account instead of logging into an existing account

This means that the number entered by the user does not correspond to an existing account. If the user wants to create a new account because he does not have one, he can go on to create it.

If the user has an account, it is possible that :

  • The user made a typo. He can go back with the top-left arrow, then correct the phone number.
  • The user changed of phone number, and typed the new one. In that case, the user just has to use the old number and follow the "The user does not have access to the phone number linked to his Lydia account" section above.

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