The application allows payment requests to be made to cell phone numbers or email addresses. Recipients can pay easily using Lydia application, or by credit card from an online payment page.

Making a request

From the home page of the applications, users can add an amount, then click on "Request" and follow the instructions.

The same request can be made to several recipients at the same time, by clicking on the "+" icon next to the recipient.

The user can choose which Lydia account will be credited if the recipient accepts the request.

All requests sent but not yet answered are displayed at the top of the application's home page in "pending actions >".

To prevent abuse, the number of payment requests awaiting settlement or refused each day is limited.

Accept a payment request

The recipient is notified immediately by SMS, email or in-app notification. The user can refuse it, or accept it via the Lydia application or by paying by credit card from a secure payment page (fees apply in the latter case).

The requesting user is notified of the recipient's response by email and/or notification, depending on their communication preferences.

Scan a Lydia QR code

Users can also ask another user to present them with a Lydia payment QR code, and scan it to receive the money.

The scanner is opened by clicking on the "Request" button on the application's home page, then clicking on the scanner icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Cancel a request in progress

Users can cancel a request at any time from the application's home page, where a list of current requests is displayed.

If the request has already been settled, read Cancelling a transfer.

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