Pricing and limits annex

Reasonable fees and fair limits for all

All fees and contributions in this Annex are invoiced and debited by Lydia Solutions (as applicable) directly from the Customer’s Electronic Money Account and/or Payment Account, in application of the contractual conditions of the offers and services subscribed by the Customer. 

The French version of this Annex prevails over the English version.

Clients whose identity has not been verified are subject to the limits provided for in Article R. 561-14-1-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code, or at any time additional or more restrictive limits that may be applied by Lydia Solutions.To benefit from more freedom of transactions with Lydia Solutions, simply verify your identity here.

The Lydia offer

Pricing and limits in effect as of March 18, 2024


Lydia offer




Lydia offer

Amount of account top-ups via bank card/month (1)


(2.5% commission fee applied beyond)

Money collected via payments using a bank card

2.5% commission fee

(1) A “card top-up” means an account credit whose source is an external bank card. Customers will not be allowed to make more than 50 card top-ups per month, for a total of €2,000.

Only the operation or part that exceeds the limit is billed.

If a transaction exceeds several limits, only the limit generating the highest fees applies.

Security and compliance limits may also be applied to prevent abusive and/or illegal use of Lydia Solutions services.

Other exceptional fees:

  • €99 handling fee in case of irregular use of Lydia Services which contravenes to T&Cs and/or any related contract
  • €100 fee per account attachment (within the limit of balances available on all user-held accounts)
  • 10% of the amount owed to the “Trésor Public” (National Treasury), up to €100 per administrative operation (within the limit of available balances on all user-held accounts)
  • Up to €30 per year, if the account remains inactive for 12 consecutive months, under the Eckert law (within the limit of available balances on all user-held accounts).

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