Lydia sends push notifications to inform the customers on the different actions made on account.

Toggle on the push notifications on Lydia πŸ””

iOS (iPhone)

  1. Open the "Settings" of the phone ;
  2. Go on NotificationsΒ >Β Lydiaβ€―;
  3. Toggle on Allow Notificationsβ€―;
  4. Scroll down and choose the Banner Style of the notifications ;
  5. Launch the app and allow the notifications from "Settings" > "Notifications."


  1. Allow the notifications from the main settings of the device ;
  2. Launch the app and allow the notifications from "Settings" > "Notifications."

For which type of actions a push notification is sent

From "Notifications" section the user can enable or deactivate notifications depending on the event. They can choose to get a push notification and/or an email notification.

Regarding the transactions and balance updates

The user will receive push notifications when a transaction happens.

The user can display the balance of the account directly into the push notification following a transaction. To activate or deactivate this option the customer has to toggle the option "Display the balance."

Feature and service updates

The customers will receive push notifications on new features and service updates.

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