Lydia has chosen instant payment as its standard for bank transfers: whenever possible, Lydia receives your transfer via instant payment technology.

If instant reception is not possible, it will be done in the traditional way. In this case, the delay is 2 to 3 business days (depending on the bank and the country from which the transfer is issued).

Top up my Lydia account by instant transfer instead of by card

Despite the card top-up (see pricing and limits), the transfer top-up is unlimited. The user will never pay any fees, from Lydia, for this type of operation.

Conditions for instant transfers from Sumeria

Transfers can be subject to fees by the issuing bank. The user can thus choose to receive them instant or in the classic way.

In some cases or under certain conditions, bank transfers are necessarily received in the classic way (effective credit within 2 to 3 working days):

  • If the issuing bank is not compatible with instant payment technology. For more information, the user can consult the website of the bank concerned or contact the bank;
  • If the type of the receiving account is not compatible with instant payment technology. This can be the case for accounts that are not current accounts, such as our interest-bearing savings account for example;
  • If the interbank platform for processing instant payment flows, on which instant payment technology is based, is temporarily out of service or under maintenance;
  • If the profile of the Lydia user receiving the transfer needs to be analyzed for banking security reasons;
  • If the Lydia User does not wish to be charged a fee by his/her bank at the time of initiating the transfer.

Get confirmation of instant transfer processed

The user will receive a notification as soon as the money is credited to their Lydia account. It will takes only few seconds for instant transfers.

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