When users change their phone number or email address, it is important to keep them up-to-date on Lydia.

In addition to being used as login details, this information is also used to receive money in Lydia.

Users logged in

Users can access the “Personal Information” screen from the Profile at the top left of the home screen to add a new phone number or email address to their Lydia account.

A text message or an email containing a code or a link to verify and validate these new details will be sent.

The phone number and email address chosen as Default will be used to receive communications from Lydia (text messages, Newsletters, email notifications, etc.). Users can change their Default email address and phone number at any time.

In case the user has more than one, he can link as alias all his phone numbers and email addresses to his Lydia account.

Users can register several phone numbers and email addresses to their Lydia account.

⚠️ Users who have changed their phone number must imperatively delete the old login detail linked to their Lydia account to free it for the next owner. To do so, they must first add this login detail as their favourite, then navigate to the old login detail to display all the information then tap "Delete".

Users logged out

✉️ If the login detail is an email address, users can still login with their phone number.

📱If the login detail is a phone number, users must follow the authentication process to securely log in to their account by tapping "An issue with your number?" from the first login screen in-app. Once logged in, users can then update their phone number from the "Personal information" screen, available from the users' Profile.

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