Funds protection measures on Lydia

Users funds are guaranteed

Similarly to a traditional bank, the money users have on their Lydia account(s) is guaranteed by the Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts fund up to €100,000 in accordance with European regulations.  This means that even in the event of financial failure for Lydia or one of its partners, users will always get their money back.

Lydia is registered with the French central bank (Banque de France)

Lydia is a payment institution subject to control by the ACPR. This branch of the Banque de France ensures good practice from the financial system's operators and oversees its stability.

Lydia never asks for a user's passwords via email or telephone. In case of phishing, users are asked to immediately reach out to Lydia customer service.

If fraud still occurred on a Lydia card or a Lydia account without the user being guilty of negligence, they will be refunded the amount of the fraud. Learn more in the "Refund conditions" section in the Terms and Conditions applicable to Lydia.

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