Paying back a friend


To a telephone number or e-mail address

The Lydia application has changed their lives so much that millions of French people say "I make you a Lydia"® when paying or reimbursing.

There's no need to withdraw money, top up, ask for and then add a RIB to your bank beneficiaries: a cell phone number or e-mail address is all that's needed. And if the recipient is already registered in your address book, all you have to do is click on their name.

All transfers are instantaneous and guaranteed. No more delays. And no more doubts.

It's so easy to use, it's almost a pleasure to pay.

By QR code

Don't feel like asking or typing in a phone number? Simply scan a Lydia QR code to pay or get paid.


Lydia also lets you make bank transfers to good old-fashioned bank IBANs.

The advantage? Always the same: no need to add the recipient as a beneficiary, and the transfer is instantaneous and free of charge.

With a bank card

Lydia works with your current bank card. It is this card that is debited after each transaction.

You can register more than one and choose which of your accounts to use before each payment.

If you have money on Lydia (from previous transactions), you can use it directly. This will limit the number of lines on your bank statement at the end of the month.


Lydia also lets you send a request for reimbursement or payment to a specific telephone number or e-mail address. And keep track of who has paid and who hasn't yet. Very practical.

To collect money for an event and from a larger number of people, Lydia also lets you create online kitty groups.

Schedule recurring payments (coming soon)

Whether it's to pay or be reimbursed on a regular basis (pocket money, contributions to rent or bills...), the steps involved can be tedious and repetitive.

With Lydia, you can set up recurring payment reminders and automatic requests. A push notification will then remind you to do so at the right time. Then it's up to you whether or not to accept.

With or without the app

This is another of Lydia's great advantages: the person you're sending or asking for money doesn't need to have the app either.

If they don't, they'll receive an SMS or e-mail notification, containing a clickable link. This link opens a page with either :

  • an IBAN form for money transfers;
  • a credit card form to pay the request.

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