Lydia is free to use and requires no subscription. However, limits may apply on some operations and transactions. Once these limits are reached, fees may be applied.

A full list of features, fees, and limits applicable on Lydia is available here.

When are fees applied?

Fees are applied every time users make an operation or a transaction exceeding the set limit.

If users also have a Sumeria account, their limits are combined with those of the Sumeria and Lydia services, both published by Lydia Solutions. If users have higher limits following a Sumeria subscription, their limits will also be increased on the Lydia app.

Fees are only applied to the portion that exceeds the limit, with a minimum fee of €0.10.

How to know if fees will be applied

If the operation is made on the Lydia app (top up by bank card), users will be notified when they reach the limit and will have to confirm they want to proceed with the operation.

Regarding contributions to Lydia money pot via bank card form, users will also be notified about fees related to the operation.

If fees have been applied as a result of an operation, they are detailed in the transaction receipt. In order to access it, users just have to click on the transaction they want to review in their history.

How are these fees collected?

Fees are debited the next morning following the related transactions or operations.

If funds are available in the user's Lydia balance, the fees will be automatically debited. Otherwise, Lydia will debit one of the credit cards registered in-app by the user.

If none of these payment methods can be used successfully, Lydia will debit the user's Lydia account, which may then fall into a negative balance. In this case, an email will be sent to the user so they can rectify the situation and top up their account.

Once these fees have been debited, an email is sent to the user with a complete and detailed list of these fees.

At the end of the month, the user will also receive a summary of all fees charged in the previous period.

How to consult fees reports

To easily understand and track the fees applied on the account, users can consult the fees reports available directly on the Lydia application from the “Documents” screen available in the Profile, at the top left of the home screen.

Fees reports can be downloaded in PDF format and are available in two different versions: the monthly fees report and the yearly fees report.

The monthly fees report is available for each month in which fees have been applied. If users have not paid any fees during a calendar month, said month will be omitted from the list of available monthly fee reports. These reports are for information only, and are intended to help users better understand the fees they are paying on their account.

The yearly fees report is a standardized document designed to provide a summary of fees, interest collected and deducted from the user's account. The standardization of this document across Europe means that users can easily compare fees from one bank to another. The yearly fees report is available to the user during the month of January following the period covered by the yearly report.

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