Lydia money pot

Collecting money online for all your special occasions has never been easier, more convenient or more economical.

Whether it's for a loved one's birthday, a house-warming party, a going-away party, a group vacation or even a wedding, a piggy bank and an online page make it easy for everyone to participate, and for the organizer to keep track of all the entries.

Create an online money pot

From the application's right-hand menu, click on "Create a money pot". One minute later, you'll be able to share the collection link with whomever you like.

Participate in a money pot

You can contribute to a joint moeny pot, from a mobile or a computer, by following the link shared by the organizer.

You can pay either :

  • credit card (2.5% commission)
  • by bank transfer (commission-free)
  • with the Lydia application (commission-free)

No need to have a Lydia account.

Contributions to a Lydia money pot are made in real time, and each time a contribution is made, a notification is sent to the organizer, who knows at a glance who has contributed and how much has been raised.

The general terms and conditions for money pots are available here.

The privacy policy is available here.

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