If the user send a Lydia, for example if the payer sent money to the wrong phone number or wrong email address, they must first make a payment request to get their money back (for instance from the receipt of the transaction at issue).

  • If the recipient does not have a Lydia user account, they have 24 hours to answer the request before it is automatically accepted and before the payment is cancelled.
If the payer does not make this request and if the recipient does not have a Lydia user account, the payment will be automatically cancelled after a full week.
  • If the recipient does have a Lydia user account, the payer has 7 days after the request was sent to send back the money. After those 7 days, the user should contact a Lydia advisor for help.
Article 1302-1 of the French Civil Code states that anyone who mistakenly or knowingly receives something that is not due to him must return it to the person from whom he received it.


With a user account

The recipient must open the receipt of the payment that is to be cancelled, and tap the "Make a payment to NAME FIRST NAME" option before entering the amount.

No user account

No action is required on behalf of the recipient. The payer will either request a cancellation which will be automatically confirmed 48 hours later, or if they do not, then the incorrect payment will be cancelled after a full week.

Payments sent to businesses and professionals

Only the recipient can cancel and pay back an erroneous payment, be it on their own initiative or upon payer's request. And the latter must reach out to the recipient.

Wire transfer

The payer is advised to reach out to the recipient to ask them to send the erroneous payment back.

The payer can also get in touch with their advisor to have them ask on their behalf, but there is no guarantee this will work.

It is not possible to make an erroneous wire transfer by entering a mistaken IBAN as the system will detect the IBAN is incorrect and refrain from sending the transfer.

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