Although the service Lydia provides is usually accessed via digital interfaces (i.e., no physical branches), it is first and foremost designed and performed by and for humans. Hence, customer service is the beating heart of the service Lydia provides. Its goal is to be the most efficient guide possible for all matters relating to money.

For Lydia customers

The help provided to customers takes several forms:

  • The manual: it showcases what can be done with Lydia, and how it can be done. Just like a typical user manual. Customers can use it to single-handedly learn more about Lydia services or solve issues they encounter.
  • The "Help" tab of the application : It provides help on topics ranging from frequent questions ("How to create a money pot") to the more specific needs relating to a customer in particular ("Why is this payment crossed out in my transaction history?").
  • The customer service: a team of several advisors is assigned to each customer, right during account creation, in order to strengthen the bond between the team and the customer. Customers can reach out to their dedicated team via email at The team answers within 12 hours on average.
Those who cannot access the app can reach out to or via mail: 14 avenue de l’Opéra, 75001, Paris, France. In which case the team in charge is not the one assigned to the customer. Response time may also be longer.
For privacy and efficiency reasons, Lydia does not provide assistance outside the in-app inbox (e.g., social media).

For Lydia Pro customers

Professional customers who use Lydia Pro should reach out to or via mail: Service Clients Professionnels, 14 avenue de l’Opéra, 75001  Paris, France.

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