A passport is an official document that allows an individual to prove their identity and nationality.

In order to take advantage of all the services offered by Lydia, users must, for legal reasons, prove their identity.

What is a valid passport?

The period of validity of a passport in France depends on :

  • The age of the holder ;
  • The date of issue;
  • The period of issue.

How the user can provide the passport in the application? 

The user must have the passport to hand and follow the identity verification process.

To do so, the user must go to the "Personal information" menu by clicking on the icon at the top left of the main screen and then on "Verify my identity".

When filming their identity document, users must:

  • Make sure they are in a well-lit area;
  • Take the passport in hand;
  • Make the required movements.

The fingers must not conceal any essential information and the passport must be legible and in good condition.
The user can reshot a photo after each video if the information is not legible enough or if the document is truncated.

What to do if the user does not have a passport?

If users do not have a passport, they may :

Driving licences and social security cards are not accepted.

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