The user should ask himself when he sent the money, if he has entered the right bank details and if the recipient has checked his bank statements?

On what date did the user send the money?

Transfers are instant and free of charge for Lydia users.

In some cases, transfers sent in classic. The transfer time is subject to the bank's operations, i.e. 1 to 3 working days for each operation. The date on which the user requests the transfer is therefore important. It has a major impact on transfer times.

  • If the user requests the transfer on a Tuesday, it will be carried out by Friday at the latest.
  • If the user requests the transfer on a Thursday, it will be processed by Tuesday at the latest.

As banks are closed from Saturday to Monday, all transfers made on Thursdays and Fridays are likely to be put on hold over the weekend.

There is also a delay of one or two days on public holidays.

Has the user entered the correct bank details?

It is not possible to send money to an IBAN that does not exist: the transfer will be rejected. On the other hand, the user can make a mistake and send it to another IBAN.

There are two ways of checking the account to which the money has been sent:

  • After selecting the transaction, by clicking on "Information": the beneficiary IBAN will be indicated.
  • By checking the IBAN in question in "Beneficiaries", located in the " Account "tab.
  • If the IBAN is not correct, Lydia invites the user to contact the owner of the account to find a solution. Lydia may act as a mediator as a last option.

Has the beneficiary checked his account statements?

Most of the time, the money has been received by the recipient's account, but he or she may not have checked his or her bank statements.

If the user has been debited with the money, the transfer has been made.

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