When you can no longer transfer money from Lydia to your bank account, the solution is often very simple.

Transfers made from Lydia to bank accounts depend on the banks’ processing time. A transfer usually takes 2 to 3 business days (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Please consider the list of questions below before contacting Lydia:

  • Check your Lydia account balance;
  • Check that the selected balance is correct;
  • Check the beneficiary IBAN;

Check your Lydia account balance

The money you receive is always stored on your Lydia account.

  • For each transaction (paying or sending money), the funds are primarily taken from the Lydia account on which the money is stored
  • When there are insufficient funds on your Lydia account to complete a transaction, the money is taken from your bank account

In a lot of cases, users are trying to transfer money they have already spent (to make a Lydia to a friend, to make a contactless mobile payment...).

Learn more: Transaction History

You can check your Transaction History by clicking on this link on your smartphone and get a better idea of your Lydia balance:

  • Head to the "Activity" tab of the app
  • Click on every negative transaction (debit)
  • Check the payment method used (e.g. "Personal card," "Lydia balance")

You will get a quick overview of the money you spent using your Lydia account.

Check that the selected balance is correct

Instead of transferring money from Lydia to your bank account, you may accidentally do the opposite: credit your Lydia account using money on your bank account.

How do I transfer money from Lydia to my bank account?

To know how to transfer money from Lydia to a bank account, read this article.

Check the beneficiary IBAN

To send money from Lydia to a bank account, you must first provide the account’s IBAN.

This can be done in the "IBAN" tab.

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